Best Wine Refrigerator

Our Top Pick

#1 Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Temperature stability
  • preserve wine’s fullest flavor & aroma
  • UV-resistant double-paned thermopane glass

Most wine collectors don’t plan on actually becoming wine collectors like us. We started with buying a few bottles for a celebratory dinner. Then we decided to store a couple in our fridge for nightcaps, to drink with dinner, and for those nights when we want to unwind and relax.

Before we knew it, we amassed ten bottles and ended up not knowing where to put them. We stored unopened bottles in the fridge for weeks, some of them we kept in a cupboard, and opened wine bottles that stayed in the fridge for a few days.

And when there was no more space, and we found ourselves adding one bottle after another, we knew it was time to buy a wine refrigerator.

But boy, were we in for a surprise. With so many brands and products of wine refrigerators online, with most of them looking all the same, it took us a while to find what we were looking for.

The Top 3 Wine Refrigerator in the Market

And so, with our quest for the perfect wine refrigerator for our needs, we’ve come up with a list of 3 great wine refrigerators we believe are perfect for anyone who has a growing collection of wine bottles from all over the world.

In this best wine refrigerator review, we’ll talk about the top product we chose, which we purchased and are using today, as well as two other products that we think are essential for those who are looking for the best wine fridges in the market.

Let’s start with our top choice, the Ivation 18-Bottle Wine Refrigerator.


1. Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator


  • Size is perfect for beginner wine collectors.
  • Freestanding, so we can move it around if we like.
  • Provides the optimal environment for our wine.


  • We can only store one or two varieties of wine in the fridge.
  • We can’t store red and white wine at the same time.
  • The soft blue LED light inside the refrigerator only lasts for 10 minutes.

Before we talk about this product’s features, we’ll start with why we love this fridge so much. At an 18-bottle capacity, it’s not a very big investment on our part. We only have ten bottles for now, and we believe it’s just enough for a growing collection that’s not too big. Once we purchase more bottles, we’re more likely to finish what we already have, leaving space for new bottles to be stored in the fridge.

While it’s perfect for our needs, we do believe that other collectors might find our top choice too small for them. So, with the other two wine refrigerators, we included in this list, those have a much bigger capacity than the Ivation 18-bottle refrigerator.

The Ivation 18-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Features

1. Temperature Stability

One of wine’s worst enemies is heat. Wine must be stored in a specific range of temperatures to maintain its optimal flavours and aromas. When red wine is chilled, you won’t be able to enjoy its rich body and tannins. If it is too warm, the flavours will get muddled and muted.

Wine has to be served at the perfect temperature to be thoroughly enjoyed, and temperature stability is one of the first features any wine fridge must-have.

With an inner fan, this wine refrigerator provides consistent and stable temperatures that range from 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which are perfect for any wine.

2. UV-Resistant Thermopane Glass

Other enemies of wine include oxygen and direct light. Oxygen can ruin a wine’s flavour and quality, while direct sunlight can fade labels and affect the taste of wine as well. The UV-resistant thermopane glass protects your bottles from oxygen exposure as well as natural UV light, which preserves and protects your wine.

3. Bright LCD Display

It’s so simple to operate with the touch LCD located on the top portion of the fridge. Whether you’re storing red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine, you can easily adjust the temperature level in the fridge with ease.

4. Removable Racks

Since we only have ten bottles, we could arrange the shelves to accommodate different bottle sizes. We do have a 1 Litre bottle of Champagne, which is more significant than most of our 750mL bottles of wine. There was enough space for our bottles to breathe and sit appropriately since the fridge has an 18-bottle capacity.


The Ivation 18-Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator is perfect for anyone who’s just starting their wine collection. It’s not too small and not too big with an 18-bottle capacity. It has everything you need from a good and high-quality wine refrigerator, such as protecting your bottles from direct UV light, from oxygen exposure, and provides temperature stability throughout the fridge.

It does have a few things we don’t like. Fortunately, we only have white wine and sparkling wine in our small collection, so we can set the temperature to chill our white wine at their optimal temperature.

If we were to purchase red wine, we can’t store it in the fridge because it needs to have another temperature range at room temperature between 50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. White wine needs to be kept at a cooler temperature, so it’s served chilled right out of the bottle.

Overall, we love that this wine refrigerator meets our needs and has room for a growing collection without being too overwhelming in size. It chills our white wine and Champagne at the perfect temperature, we can move it around as it’s a freestanding wine fridge, and we get to enjoy chilled white wine anytime we like. It’s simply perfect for our needs.


2. Kalamera Mini Fridge 30-Bottle Cooler Refrigerator


  • Great capacity for its small size.
  • Has all the features for a top-quality wine fridge.
  • Large 30-bottle capacity for growing wine collections.
  • High-quality wooden shelves.


  • You can only store one variety of wine at one time – either red or white.
  • There are only six shelves, which means you would need to stack up the bottles to fit 30 pieces inside.

This stainless steel refrigerator by Kalamera is 15″ wide but has a 30-bottle capacity. It has an impressive capacity for a small cooler and has everything you need in a wine refrigerator.

The Kalamera Mini Fridge 30-Bottle Refrigerator Features

1. Temperature Stability

It features temperature stability with a range of 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. You can store either red or white wine, and the two interior fans provide a consistent temperature throughout the fridge’s interior.

2. Stainless Steel Door

The door features two layers of tempered glass that provide consistent temperature levels and prevent the glass from fogging. It keeps UV light from getting through the fridge, plus keeps oxygen at bay. This door protects the wine from all of its enemies, direct UV light, oxygen, and heat.

3. Low Noise Compressor

Vibration is another enemy of wine, as vibration can cause oxygen to seep through the bottle and shake the chemical structure of the wine. The low noise compressor ensures all your wine bottles are stable and protected.

4. Removable Beech Wood Racks

There are six beechwood racks in the fridge, with 5 of them being removable. If you have bigger wine bottles, you can take out one of the racks and store your bigger bottles inside the fridge.

5. Can be Freestanding or Built-In

You can have this fridge installed as you are constructing your kitchen or when you’re remodeling, or if you want to have it installed permanently. If not, it can also stand on its own as a freestanding fridge, but it’s pretty heavy at 82 pounds, which means it’s not easy to move around as you wish.


The Kalamera Mini Fridge 30 bottle capacity cooler is perfect for growing collections of wine. Though it can only comfortably hold 18 bottles, you can stack them up on top of each other to fit 30 bottles in total. It might not be optimally convenient as you need to be careful when getting them out, but it works.

This is not the fridge for anyone with a small collection of wines or anyone who has a varied collection, such as having a mix of open red and white wines. It is a single zone wine fridge, which means you can only use it for one variety since red and white wines need different temperature levels.

Nevertheless, if you have a growing collection of red or white wines, this is perfect for anyone who might need a place to store your already growing collection.


3. Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator


  • A dual-zone fridge means you can store reds and white wine in this fridge at the same time.
  • It has everything you need in a top-quality wine fridge.
  • Has a sizeable 46-bottle capacity.
  • Perfect for serious wine enthusiasts.


  • There are only five shelves, which means you can only comfortably hold about 25 bottles inside. You will need to stack up the bottles on top of each other if you have more than 40 bottles in your collection.

This is a Kalamera wine fridge, but it has a bigger capacity with 46 bottles, and it’s also wider at 24″ width. It’s a dual-zone wine fridge, which means you can have two separate temperature settings all at once.

The Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Refrigerator Features

1. Stainless Steel Door

The stainless steel door is a durable and efficient 2-layer tempered glass that keeps oxygen at bay, prevents fogging, and blocks direct UV light from entering the fridge. This protects and preserves your wine’s full flavours and aromas, giving you the complete wine-drinking experience.

2. Temperature Controlled

You can control the temperature in the two zones of the fridge, with the upper zone ranging from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the lower zone ranging from 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. With two interior fans, you can rest assured that each bottle of wine enjoys the very same temperature control.

3. Dual Zones

There are two zones in the fridge: the upper zone for white wine and sparkling wine and the lower zone for red wine. This is the most versatile of all the wine refrigerators we have on the list. You can have a growing collection of varieties from reds, to white, to ice wine, to Champagne, and more.

4. Removable Beech Wood Shelves

There are a total of 5 removable wooden shelves in the fridge, allowing you to rearrange them depending on the size of bottles you have. It has a capacity of 46 bottles in total.


The Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Refrigerator is perfect for anyone who’s serious about collecting wines but doesn’t want to invest and maintain a wine cellar at home. With two zones, you can store both red and white wine inside at the same time, making it a versatile wine refrigerator that does it all.

It’s pretty large and heavy, so placing it on a permanent spot in your kitchen or home is the best way to place this fridge in your home. It’s not easy to move around as it’s large and bulky, so you need to have a designated place in your home for this fridge.

The Bottom Line

We love how beginner-friendly the Ivation wine refrigerator is, and it’s just the right size for our collection of white wines. We would love to explore red wines in the future, so maybe we’ll think of buying a dual-zone wine fridge if we find ourselves collecting more than a few bottles of red wine in the future. For now, we are happy with our Ivation fridge.

For anyone more serious about wine collecting, but a wine cellar is out of the question, the Kalamera wine refrigerators are the next best thing for wine lovers.

Remember that a good quality wine fridge has temperature stability, a super-secure door that blocks UV light, a quiet and steady compressor to prevent vibrations, and a size that’s slightly bigger than your current collection, so it has room for future purchases.

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