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#1 OSTBA 200W Deli Meat Slicer

  • Great Value for Money – The food slicer cuts the food precisely, it makes you like a good chef at home.
  • Powerful motor – The updated electric food slicer is driven by 200 watts of fast, high yield slicing power.
  • Safety Protection – To operate the deli slicer, you must press both the SAFETY LOCK & POWER BUTTON simultaneously to start, avoid the mistake operation.



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If you need to slice a lot of meat or any food, you know how time-consuming it is to cut them one by one. If only you had a meat slicer like the ones you find in a deli or meat store, your life would be so much easier.

Well, there are meat slicers designed to use at home that is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on the wallet.

Meat slicers are not just a tool for butcher shops anymore, but the average home cook can take advantage of the technology to prepare cold-cut platters at home for a party, make homemade bacon fast, and even beef jerky.

The Top 3 Meat Slicers in the Market

We love preparing ham and cheese sandwiches and our very own bacon for our kids but sometimes, preparing these foods can be tasking. So we decided to try out three of the best meat slicers that meet our budget, and we’ve come up with this list from trying them out at home.

And here they are, three of the best meat slicers we tried, and all the great and not so great things about them:


1. Chef’s Choice 609A Electric Meat Slicer



  • Easy to Clean – It is so easy to clean. The food carriage is easy to take apart, and the blade comes off easily, too. It’s so important to take the blade apart because this is where bacteria can grow. So we love this part about the machine, and it takes us less than 5 minutes to clean everything thoroughly.
  • Easy to Use – With essential parts, plus a few extra features such as the capture tray and option to change the blade with a non-serrated one, we found this machine easy to use.
  • Durable – The primary material of cast-aluminum and stainless steel slicer means it’s sturdy and durable. There may be small plastic parts, but the majority of the machine is made of rust-resistant metal.


  • Serrated Blade Grabs Food – We didn’t like the serrated blade at all. We tried it first before changing the slicer to a non-serrated blade, and all we got from our cheese was crumbly and broken slices. It also tends to grab food, especially the fatty parts of pork and beef.
The first meat slicer on our list is the Chef’s Choice 609A. There are other Chef’s Choice meat slicers, but we opted to go for this one because of the rave reviews about how easy it is to clean. As parents with small kids, cleaning is the last thing on our minds, so having a meat slicer that’s easy to take apart and clean is a blessing.

The meat cutter features a serrated blade, which we didn’t really like because it tends to grab foods and does not work well with crumbly foods such as certain types of cheese. But you have the option of buying the machine with a non-serrated blade, so we included that in our purchase as well.

The main body of the machine is made of die-cast aluminum and stainless steel slicers. This means the machine is rust and corrosion-resistant, and durable, which is always a great thing when you buy a kitchen appliance.

In terms of the motor, this meat slicer features a gear-drive, high-torque engine that’s fast and powerful. The 7-inch blade can cut deli-thin meats to 1″ thick slices in seconds, saving us so much time preparing pieces of meat, veggies, bread, and cheese.

It also has a capture tray, so we don’t have to place a plate or wrapping paper underneath the blade, and we also love its safety lock feature.

Despite not liking the serrated blade, the Chef’s Choice 609A is an excellent entry-level meat slicer that cuts different kinds of food, easy to use, and, best of all, easy to clean.



2. OSTBA 200W Deli Meat Slicer



  • Great Value for Money – Get to enjoy deli-thin slices of meat and other food with this machine. It’s one of the most affordable commercial-grade meat slicers in the market that works incredibly well.
  • More Compact and Lightweight Than Other Meat Slicers – We discovered that this machine is more compact and lightweight than other meat slicers, making it easy to store and move around.
  • Easy to Clean – Because all of the parts that come with direct contact with food are removable, it’s easy to clean and sanitize, preventing the buildup of bacteria from raw meat and other food debris.


  • Noisy – Some users have reported that this machine is quite noisy. While it is louder than the Chef’s Choice machine we reviewed earlier, it doesn’t bother us.
  • Requires a Lot of Power – At 200 watts, this machine requires a lot of power to operate.
And next on our list is the OSTBA 200W Deli Meat Slicer. What made us buy this meat slicer is it’s one of the most affordable and most popular meat slicers at its price point. It’s also more compact and lightweight than most machines, and when an appliance is easy to move around, it means it’s easy to store and easy to clean.

The OSTBA 200W Deli Meat Slicer is made of solid anodized aluminum, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. When buying machines that come in direct contact with food, this is very important.

It features 200 watts of high-yield slicing power, and its 7.5″ serrated blade is razor-sharp. The Chef’s Choice meat slicer we reviewed earlier came with an option to use a non-serrated blade, but with OSTBA, unfortunately, it does not.

While we didn’t like the serrated blade on the Chef’s Choice machine, for some reason, we want this blade on this one. Maybe because the jagged of the blades are somehow slightly more curved? I don’t know, but we love how sharp OSTBA’s blade is for meat slicing and even for slicing bread.

We made thinly sliced turkey breast, salami and even made beef jerky from using this machine.

But what we loved about it is its child-safety feature. To start the machine, you would have to press the power button and the safety lock simultaneously for it to work. The blade also has a blade guard, and this is very important to us with kids looking over our shoulders when we start slicing frozen pork to make homemade bacon.

It’s also easy to clean with the blade, slide-rod extension, food pusher, and food carriage, all removable, preventing the buildup of meat and food debris on the machine.

The OSTBA is a meat slicer that lets you slice meats, cheese, breed, fruits, and vegetables with ease. We bought this machine because it is one of the bestselling products in the market and users rave about its value for money and ease of cleaning.

While we initially disliked the serrated edge of the blade, we discovered that it works pretty well and doesn’t cause soft food to crumble.



3. Anescra 200W Deli Food Slicer



  • Easy to Clean – All the parts that come in contact with food are removable and easy to clean. It prevents the buildup of food debris, preventing bacteria from increasing on the machine.
  • Sturdy and Durable – The primary material of the machine is solid cast aluminum with blades made of stainless steel. These materials are durable and sturdy, making this machine last for a long time.
  • Comes with Safety Features – Safety is our number one priority, and we love the fact that you can’t turn this machine on without switching the safety feature first.


  • Limited Time of Usage – You can only use this machine for 5 minutes at a time. After 5 minutes, you have to let it rest for 15 minutes; otherwise, the engine might overheat. It sucks if you’re slicing large amounts of meat for a party or a small business.
  • Food Pusher is Flimsy – The food pusher is made of plastic and tends to be a little flimsy.
And last on our list of the best food slicers for home use is the Anescra 200W Deli Food Slicer. We bought this machine because it features two blades, one is serrated and one that’s not. We love this because we can have the option of cutting different food items, from baguettes to soft cheese, to pork tenderloin, beef tips, and even fruit to garnish on cocktails.

A 200 watts high yield slicer powers this machine. The body is also made of solid cast aluminum, with both meat slicer blades made of 304 stainless steel durable and rust-resistant. We were able to cut semi-frozen food, cooked meats, and of course, raw meats with this machine with ease.

It also has a safety feature, a ring guard cover, and adjust thickness from 0-15mm, or 1″ for the maximum slice thickness. It’s versatile, easy to use, powerful, and easy to clean. The blade, food carriage, food pusher, and slide-rod extension are all removable, cleaning and sanitizing a breeze.

At first, though, we did have issues removing the blade. But after a while, we learned how to remove it with ease. We just needed to lubricate the machine now and then with food-grade oil.

It’s also sleek and compact, making it easier to store. I can imagine users with small apartments liking how lightweight and easy it is to store it or put it on a countertop in the kitchen.

The Anescra 200W Food Slicer is a simple, compact, and robust food slicer that comes with two kinds of blades that we love. You can switch from a non-serrated blade for meats and cheese to a serrated blade for bread and frozen meats. It’s versatile, affordable, and easy to use.


best home meat slicer

How to Choose the Best Meat Slicer

There are tons of meat slicers in the market designed for home use, and choosing the best one for you can be pretty overwhelming. While we’ve provided you with 3 of the best that fits our budget, we want you to decide on your own.

But how do you choose one? And what makes an excellent meat slicer? Here are the things you need to consider:

1. Electric or Manual Slicer

A manual cutter will give you more control over the slices of the meat, but an electric slicer will save you time. If you want a more controlled slicer, then a manual machine is for you. But if you want convenience, an electric meat slicer is the way to go.

2. Safety

A meat slicer can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and if it gets into the hands of a child. Safety features such as a child-lock button make the machine safer to store around the kitchen.

3. Blade

The blades of the machines we featured came at 7″ to 7.5,” which are just enough for home use. Commercial meat slicers have 12″ to 14″ blades, while others have 9″ to 10″ blades. You will have to determine how much food you’re planning to slice, what kinds of food you’re cutting, and how big your meat chunks will be to be able to decipher which size of blade will meet your needs.

4. Material

Stainless steel is the best material for blades because they’re rust and corrosion-resistant. Frequent exposure to meat and water can cause rust and corrosion, making it dangerous to use. With stainless steel, you won’t have this problem.

Now that you know the factors to quality meat slicers choose your machine accordingly and make sure it meets your needs for cutting meat and other foods at home.

The Bottom Line

If you find yourself constantly slicing food at home, such as cutting pork to make bacon, slicing lime for party cocktails, or beef to make homemade jerky, then you would benefit from a meat slicer designed for home use.

The best meat slicer depends on your budget, your needs, and your kitchen space. Choose from these three meat slicers, and we guarantee they’ll help you save time, save money, and give you and your family plenty of opportunities to enjoy more variety with your food at home.


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