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#1 Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale

  • lightweight
  • readings down to the gram
  • app with all nutritional information
  • nutritional information on over 2000 foods
Accurate measurements in baking, cooking, or food portions mean accurate results. And while measuring cups and spoons have always been the tools for measuring ingredients, sadly, they can’t offer precision measurements.

When it comes to accuracy, a digital kitchen scale is the best tool of the trade. And if you’re looking for one, you’ve found the right place. We searched high and low for the best food scales in the market, and we’ve come up with a list of three of the most accurate, efficient, and portable-sized scales.

The Top 3 Food Scales in the Market

Here are three food scales that will give you the most accurate measurements, plus a few bells and whistles that will change the way you cook and eat.


1. Best of the Best: Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale


  • We love how lightweight this food scale is. Its width is less than an inch, but it’s mighty strong. We weighed a bowl of fried chicken, revealing precise measurements without a glitch.
  • We also like the fact that there’s an app where you can see all the nutritional information of pre-programmed and custom foods, allowing us to make healthy food choices each time we cook and eat.
  • We love using this as a regular scale for weighing ingredients and being an efficient scale for portion control and nutritious meal planning for our family.


  • We don’t like that there are many processed and junk food on the database. We’ve also read other reviews stating that those who buy this for dietary or healthy purposes won’t find this helpful.
  • While we love it for being thin, small, and lightweight, we couldn’t use the scale for weighing big or bulky food items.
We wanted to try a food scale ourselves, and we decided to get the best of the best. We think the Greater Goods Nutrition Food Scale is the top choice in the market today because it offers plenty of features that make it versatile and efficient.

This food scale is perfect for portioning snacks, weighing ingredients, and even calculating food facts. It comes with an app you can download on your phone, and it features nutritional information on over 2000 kinds of foods. Nutritional information includes calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fats, cholesterol, protein, sugar, and dietary fiber.

If you’re watching your weight or the food you eat as we do, that feature is its best asset. We wanted to try this feature out, and all we did was input the code number of the food we wanted to weigh. We wanted to know the nutritional information of a chicken pot pie, and all details were on the app.

Other foods we tried to weigh included branded processed foods like Kraft Mac and Cheese and Betty Crocker Creamy Stroganoff, which, to our delight, were already pre-programmed on the app.

Aside from its pre-programmed database, you can also create your customized code with any food item you have. You can add up to 99 custom codes, making it easy for you to know how many calories and other nutrients you’re getting the next time you eat the same food.

Other features worth mentioning with this food scale include its weight being only 1.69 pounds, and its dimensions being 9.25 x 6.1 x 1.” It also only requires 2 AAA batteries to work, and its maximum weight capacity is 11 pounds.

This food scale is perfect for anyone who needs a scale for health and dietary reasons. Anyone who needs to watch what they eat will benefit from this scale, especially those suffering from diabetes or heart disease. The information will get you to eat healthily.

While it’s designed for nutritional purposes, it still works as a regular food scale, so it’s versatile and multipurpose.


2. Best Value: Nutra Track Mini Food Scale


  • We like that the codes are printed on the weighing surface. Though there are only 160 codes out of the 999 pre-programmed codes on the scale, it features the most commonly used food items, making it a convenient feature. You can also add 999 more custom codes of food you can’t find in the database.
  • It is also very accurate and precise, allowing you to get as many details about the food you’re weighing. This is especially useful for health and diet purposes.


  • This food scale requires a bit of a learning curve. There are a lot of buttons, and you’d need to sit down and take time to read the manual on how to best use it. It might also be too detailed for anyone looking for a simple and easy-to-use scale.
  • If you’re looking for a food scale for baking or cooking needs and don’t need a lot of nutritional information, you won’t need this food scale.
The Nutri Track Mini Food Scale is from Mackie Scientific, which proudly designs and engineers its products in the USA.

It weighs 1.3 pounds and has a maximum weight limit of 11 pounds, and features the following dimensions: 9.7″ x 6″ x 0.7′, which is almost the same size as the Greater Goods food scale.

It features a proprietary calorie calculator and a Macros calculator, making dieting and healthy eating easy. If you want to lose weight fast by watching what you eat, this is the food scale for you.

The Macros calculator gives you the ability to measure calories, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, and other nutritional information for each food you weigh. It’s great for people who need every detail with the food they eat, such as those who have diabetes, heart problems, and other health conditions.

The food scale requires 3 AAA batteries to work, and it weighs in grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters. It features a big backlit digital display and is proud to be the only scale with 0.0 to 0.9 increments accuracy.

Unlike the Greater Goods food scale, where you need to use the booklet or the app to get the code to display the nutritional information, this scale features 160 codes printed on the scale surface. The weighing platform is made of glass, and aside from the codes, it’s smooth and easy to clean.

The Nutra Track Mini food scale is ideal for anyone who needs a food scale for health and dietary purposes. It gives you many details into the food you’re weighing, and planning nutritious and healthy meals will be accessible once you have this scale. However, it may be too overwhelming for anyone who wants a straightforward food scale.


3. Also Consider: Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale


  • We love that it’s small and very light yet powerful simultaneously. It’s also very affordable and is the least expensive on our list.
  • It’s easy to use, easy to clean, simple, and straightforward, and features a multi-unit conversion, making it easy to convert ingredients to different units in specific recipes.
  • If you’re looking for a regular digital food scale, this is an affordable, efficient, and durable choice. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants simple ways to weigh food and ingredients.


  • This food scale uses expensive CR2032 batteries. It would’ve been more convenient if it used regular AA or AAA batteries.
  • Because it’s small, there are some instances when the digital screen is covered by containers placed on the surface. If you use a large bowl, it can be hard to see the screen. You’d have to move the bowl and container, which might affect the weight results on display.
Made of 304 stainless steel and weighing only 0.44 pounds, it’s a solid and durable food scale with a maximum weight limit of 11 pounds. It’s the smallest scale among the scales we’ve reviewed, with dimensions being 7.5″ x 5.7″ x 0.6.”

It’s equipped with an exact load sensor with 0.05 ounce or 0.1g increments. It also features multi-units conversion, easily converting units such as ounces to pounds, grams to milliliters, and more. If you find it hard to convert different units in recipes, this food scale will make it easy for you.

It also features a Tare Function, where you can subtract the weight of the container for the food, and you get accurate measurements for the food or ingredients inside a mixing bowl or any container you place on the scale.

The scale measurements include grams, ounces, milliliters, pounds, and fluid ounces. It also features a backlit LCD that stays on the screen for 30 seconds for easy reading.

The Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale is an easy-to-use and simple regular food scale with no bells and whistles. It has all the functions and features you need for efficient, high quality, and durable food scales, such as a Tare Function, multi-unit conversions, and backlit LCD. If you’re looking for a regular and straightforward food scale, this is the one for you.

What You Need From a Food Scale

Not all food scales are made equal, and some are simple yet strong, detailed yet versatile. Whatever brand, model, or make you buy, it must feature the following:

1. Accurate Measurements

Precision measurements are the key to a high-quality and valuable food scale, and they would help with accurate measurements in your cooking, baking, and food portions. To help you test a food scale’s accuracy, you can weigh four nickels, which is precisely 20g. If the scale displays a weight that’s not 20g from considering four nickels, it might not be accurate.

2. Multipurpose

The food scale must have features that make cooking, baking, and portion control easy. It’s not enough to weigh food and ingredients, but it must also have features like a Tare Function, a Macro calculator, and others. It doesn’t have to have all the features but having more means you can use it for various purposes.

3. Readable Display

A high-quality food scale must have a clear and large display. It must be easy to read the screen, and it must be backlit and large enough for fast and clear readability.


If you’re looking for a top-quality food scale, then choose from our list of top picks from this food scale review. We believe these medium-sized and durable food scales meet different needs, from weighing ingredients to helping you discover the nutritional details for dietary and health purposes.

If you want to lose weight, eat cleaner and better, or cook with great precision, a food scale is your secret weapon. It’s affordable, easy to use, and easy to store, giving you accurate measurements and making your kitchen life so much easier.

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