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I’ve never been too keen on growing my plants because of all the work they require, plus all the things you need to learn to make sure they do grow.

I don’t have a lot of time to spend outdoors because aside from work, I also need to care for our kids, but the idea of eating fresh vegetables from your very own garden is something that I’ve always really loved.

I read about Rise Gardens, an indoor garden system that uses hydroponic technology to grow herbs and vegetables, and I was immediately intrigued. I loved the fact that you didn’t have to place it outdoors since it has a LED light system that provides enough light for the plants.

It’s also compact, and you can place it anywhere inside your home. And so, after reading and thinking much about it, I decided to try it out and bought the complete Triple Family Garden, which allows you to grow at least 36 plants.

And so, this article will talk about my very own experience with the equipment, and what I think about it.

Find the Right Rise Garden For You

Personal Rise Garden

1. Personal Rise Garden

Personal Rise Garden review
Single Family Garden

2. Single Family Garden

Personal Rise Garden review
Double Family Garden

3. Double Family Garden

Personal Rise Garden review
Triple Family Garden

4. Triple Family Garden

Personal Rise Garden review

Set Up In Minutes

Sophisticated yet easy to use, you can assemble your indoor garden, connect your app, and plant your first herbs and veggies. Comes with everything you need for set up.

rise gardens garde set up in minutes

Why Rise Gardens?

Rise Gardens is a US-based company that produces indoor hydroponic gardens. The company markets these products as a way to connect people to the food they eat. They also want to teach the next generation the value of nutritious food.

The CEO and founder is Hank Adams, who lives in Chicago, and was frustrated by the small growing season of plants in the city. In childhood, he was an avid gardener, even growing his strawberries in his family’s backyard. His family helped him expand the garden, but he could never grow fruits and vegetables all year because of the short growing season.

This is part of what made him invent the Rise Garden indoor garden, using hydroponic technology that allows anyone of any gardening level to grow their herb and vegetable gardens at home all year round.

They have one main product: the indoor hydroponic garden system, which comes in three sizes, catering to different needs.

rise gardens hydroponic indoor garden kit

The Rise Garden Hydroponic Indoor Garden

1. Personal Rise Garden

This is a countertop indoor garden that’s the perfect size for tiny homes such as a studio. It can grow up to 8 plants, with the option of buying an extension to grow up to 12 plants. It runs on 40 Watts of power and can hold about 1 gallon of water.

2. Single Family Garden

The Single Family Garden is a single-level garden that can make you grow at least 12 plants and upgrade anytime to 36 plants. It comes with a shelf, which contains the water pump and reservoir. It runs on 70 Watts of power and holds 2 gallons of water.

3. Double Family Garden

This garden features two levels, with 12 plants in each group, with up to 24 plants. Updating this system can make you grow up to 72 plants. It runs on 130 Watts of power and can hold 3 gallons of water.

4. Triple Family Garden

This garden features three levels of trays with 12 plants each, totaling 36 plants. With upgrades, you can grow as many as 108 plants. It runs on 200 Watts of power and holds 4 gallons of water.
You can have the option of starting small or big. These systems have a modular design that allows you to expand your garden by up to 108 plants.

Rise gardens – Easy & Fun Indoor Gardening!

More than 60 Varieties of Herbs and Vegetables to Grow!

Compare Gardens

Their Indoor Gardens Come in 4 Sizes.

No matter your expertise level, or what you’re looking to grow. We have an indoor garden that is perfect for you! Now you can grow your favorite herbs and veggies year-round!


60+ different seeds – From lettuce, peppers, basil to tomato.


Nutrient Mix is a vital part of plant growth and includes the necessary micro-nutrients your plants need to grow.


From Seedless Pods to Indoor Garden Extensions.

How it Works

There are four features in the Rise Garden that make it work: the self-watering tank, the LED growing lights, the seed pods, and the Smart Garden app.

LED Lighting System

The LED grow lights eliminate the need to expose the plants to direct sunlight. This means you can easily place the garden system anywhere in your home. It is especially ideal for condo units that don’t have windows or balconies. It allows you to grow your garden even without access to direct sunlight.

Self-Watering Tank

The Self-Watering Tank pumps water and nutrients to the different levels of trays, so you only need to water the garden once a week.

Seed Pods

The Seed Pods come with seeds of herbs and vegetables, which you place on the tray, and they have access to the nutrient-rich water that pumps throughout the system.

Smart Garden App

And lastly, the Smart Garden app helps you monitor your plants, how much water it is left, and tells you when to harvest. The app also allows you to watch how tall your plants are, how to care for them, when and how much water they need, and other helpful information that will make you care for your plants.

Rise Gardens App Helps you Grow!

All Rise Gardens are app-enabled which allows you to track your plants’ progress and reminds you when to add water or take action. We’re right there with you every step of the way in your journey to maintain and have success with your indoor garden
rise gardens app

Hydroponic Gardening

The Rise Gardens works through Hydroponic Gardening. It is a method of growing plants using a nutrient-rich water solution. It does not make use of soil, and the plants get their nutrients from the solution.

It is a simple and effective alternative for gardening indoors, for people who don’t have any access to soil or don’t have a yard, or anyone who doesn’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of outdoor gardening.

It is also said to be more effective in growing plants because direct contact with the nutrient solution matures plants up to 25 to 30% faster versus when they are grown in soil.

What Can You Grow?

You can grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and even baby eggplants and tomatoes. The company provides a kit that kindles seed pods with different spices and vegetables. Each garden comes with the maximum number of seeds it can grow. You can choose which kinds of plants you want, or a wide variety of plants of their choosing if you don’t want to select your own.

The company offers a subscription for seed pods where they send you a new pack every few months, so you never run out.

There are 65 varieties of herbs and plants available from Rise Gardens, but you can grow to as many as 108 types of plants.

Which One is the Right For You?

If you only want to try it out, then I suggest you get the countertop or the Personal Rise Garden. But if you’re going to go all-in, like me, you should get the Triple Family Garden, which is three layers and looks like a regular piece of furniture that you can place anywhere in your home.

I personally purchased the Triple Family Garden because I wanted to experience the whole indoor gardening experience. If I’m going to add fresh produce to our family’s diet, then why not go all out, right?

Personal Rise Garden

1. Personal Rise Garden

Personal Rise Garden review
Single Family Garden

2. Single Family Garden

Personal Rise Garden review
Double Family Garden

3. Double Family Garden

Personal Rise Garden review
Triple Family Garden

4. Triple Family Garden

Personal Rise Garden review

Rise gardens – Easy & Fun Indoor Gardening!

More than 60 Varieties of Herbs and Vegetables to Grow!

Other Products

Rise Gardens features accessories and other products that you buy separately. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Seed Pods

There are 65 different herbs and vegetables that you can buy from the company. You can choose from baby eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, all kinds of herbs, and even sunflowers.

2. Hydroponic Nutrients

When you buy the garden, it comes with a set of Hydroponic Nutrients, which you need to put in the water reservoir. These nutrients create the solution that makes your plants grow and thrive.

3. Accessories

You can also buy separate accessories, such as the Stand Kit. If you have a plant that grows tall and doesn’t fit in the tray or shelves anymore, you transplant it and use the Stand Kit to help it stay up. You can also buy replacement parts and the indoor garden extension for more trays and more plants.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows For Indoor Gardening
  • Allows you to Grow Plants All-Year Round
  • The Smart App Helps You Care for Your Garden
  • Can Grow up to 108 Plants
  • Low Maintenance

Rise Garden’s biggest highlight is the ability to grow herbs and vegetables indoors all year round. You don’t need to have access to direct sunlight because it has built-in LED lights that provide UV rays to the plants. Anyone can grow their plants with this garden system, and you don’t even have to buy different soil to use it.

Once you have it assembled, you can grow plants in a few weeks. In my case, the seeds started to sprout in just three days. Though not all seeds grew in 3 days, they began to show signs of life within only a few days.

After about a month, we were able to see them growing leaves that we could use for salads and other dishes. We love the Smart app, too, because I don’t have a green thumb, and it helped me know when to water, when to put nutrients into the solution, and even when to harvest the herbs and vegetables.


  • Assembly Takes Time
  • Some Plants Don’t Grow as Well as Others

The Triple Family Garden came in 6 boxes in total. The structure, trays, and shelves came in three big boxes, while the seed pods and nutrients came in 3 separate packages. The smaller boxes that carried the nursery kit came earlier.

There were so many parts to assemble that it was overwhelming for me. You will have to screw the pieces in place, learn which part does where, and honestly, it was too complicated for me to do alone. Thankfully, Rise Garden comes with a printed manual complete with illustrations that it took my partner and me 2 hours to assemble everything in place, including the pumps for the water system.

It does take some time to learn about the whole assembly, which parts go where, what they’re used for, and how to set up the garden. Overall, we were able to complete the garden set up in 3 to 4 hours. Though the website says you can assemble the garden in as little as one hour, it wasn’t the case for us.

But once we had it all set up, it was so easy to use after. We place the seed pods on the tray, create the nutrient solution, and that’s it! We also had to download the app and learn how to use it. In just a few days, our kids were screaming with delight to see the seed pods start growing, and they were so happy when the plants were visible and growing their leaves in just a month.

The Bottom Line

Rise Gardens is a fantastic indoor gardening system that gives you many opportunities to grow your food at home. You don’t need to have a yard, no need to buy soil, and you don’t need to have access to direct sunlight. What made me love this indoor gardening system is that I don’t have to move it at all. I placed it in the kitchen, and they grow like crazy! I planted lettuce, thyme, basil, tomatoes, baby eggplants, Swiss chard, and pepper, and it saves me so much money and time from a trip to the grocery store.

Though the Triple Family Garden is quite expensive, it has given us a complete lifestyle change in the way we eat. There were times before when we didn’t have veggies in our meals at all, but today, we have salads and veggies in every meal, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. It truly is life-changing.

If you can’t take care of the plants, however, such as constant monitoring, watering, and checking on them, I suggest you try the Countertop Garden because it takes very little space and very little upkeep. But if you can, choose the Triple Family Garden, which has indeed been a game-changer in our lives.

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