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Breville is one of the most reputable and well-recognized home appliance brands globally. The Breville BES840XL Infuser is an espresso maker intended for home use for those who want to make their espresso in their kitchen.

If you’re an espresso fan and want to enjoy a good shot to start your day, investing in the Breville Infuser may be the solution for you. It’s sold at a great price, easy to use, and, best of all, capable of making a rich and intense shot of coffee.

But, it does have its caveats, such as having its very own cleaning method and having a steep learning curve. If you’re intent on having your very own espresso machine at home, though, the Breville Infuser comes with excellent features and meets your need for a nice shot of espresso, plus the ability to make lattes.

Suppose you’ve been thinking of buying the machine, or you’re looking for one that checks all your needs for a durable, fast, and powerful espresso machine that doesn’t burn your wallet. In that case, this guide will help you make an informed decision on the Breville Infuser espresso machine.

How do you use a Breville Espresso Infuser?

The Breville Infuser is marketed as the perfect at-home solution for brewing your very own espresso. If you love brewed coffee and are tired of going to your neighborhood coffee shop to have a good cup of joe in the morning, then the Breville Infuser is for you.

It’s sold at a great price and easy to use. It’s made of brushed stainless steel, making it a durable piece of espresso maker that will last many years if you know how to care for it.

The Infuser delivers the exact espresso flavor from your choice of coffee beans and provides even extraction, giving you a balanced espresso flavor.

What makes it exceptionally impressive is its ability to infuse ground coffee. For a mid-priced espresso maker, this is its selling point. Pre-infusing features are mostly found in the most higher-end or heavy-duty espresso makers, so it’s a big plus for the price that it has.

Pre-infusing coffee grounds make brewing much more even and balanced. This is because the machine pre-infuses your ground coffee beans with low and consistent water pressure before the extraction process. This results in the ground coffee expanding before being exposed to high pressure. The outcome is a more even coffee flavor that’s rich and intense.

The Infuser also makes it possible for you to control what goes into your coffee. How much coffee you want, as well as a micro-foam milk texturing capacity that moves 360 degrees, making it possible to create latte art with your cup of joe.

It’s a powerful espresso machine that allows you to customize your drink plus create latte art. It’s a fun and efficient espresso machine that lasts.

What comes with the Breville infuser?

  • Included Accessories:
  • Razor Dose Trimming Tool.
  • 1cup & 2cup Single & Dual Wall Filter
  • Baskets (4).
  • Coffee Scoop.
  • Stainless Steel Milk Jug.
  • Cleaning disc and tablets.
  • Cleaning brush, tool, and Allen Key.
  • Water Filter Holder and Water Filter.
review breville infuser espresso machin

The Infuser™ – Make Barista Quality Coffee

Guides you to the perfect espresso with the built in pressure gauge.


Here is a list of the Breville Infuser features and what they do.
breville bes840xl expresso

Volumetric Control

This feature allows you to control the volume of each pour. This ensures that you get the right strength of your brew for each cup. It does take a little bit of trial and error to get the right volume that you want.

The machine also has pre-programmed volume, such as one or two shots if you don’t have time to customize your volume control.

Precise Espresso-Extraction

You can choose to maximize your coffee’s flavor potential by adjusting the digital PID temperature control. The temperature can be adjusted by 4 degrees Fahrenheit increments, and the pressure gauge provides a guide to the right extraction.

Manual Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

This feature is what makes the Breville Infuser so much fun to use. You can add milk to your espresso and play with the foam. The high-power 1650 Watts motor of the machine provides high-pressure steam with faster heat up to create micro-foam, adding more elements to your coffee.

Pre-Infusion Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the Breville Infuser is named such because of this feature. It soaks the ground coffee in low-pressure water, expanding the coffee grounds before they are exposed to high-pressure water before extraction. It is responsible for the rich and balanced flavor of your espresso.

Ability to Create Lattes and Other Coffee Flavors

This machine is not just limited to making espresso, but it can also create lattes and Macchiato. You can play around with the features to create different kinds of coffee with this machine.

Maintenance Indicators

The machine provides you with visual indicators to let you know it’s time for a little upkeep. There’s a cleaning and drip tray alert for routine maintenance. The machine comes with its cleaning system with a cleaning disc, tablet, and cleaning brush included with the box when you purchase the unit. There’s also an Allen key to access recessed areas of the machine.

Single Boiler with Thermocoil Heating System

The unit features one boiler to both steam and extract espresso. It takes the machine 30 seconds to heat up and another 15 seconds if you change from the extraction mode to the milk steaming mode.

Automatic & Manual Espresso Machines

Third-wave specialty coffee sees coffee as artisanal food, produced to achieve the ultimate taste experience. When it comes to replicating third-wave specialty coffee at home, there are no cutting corners. That’s why Breville created a range of automatic and manual espresso machines that honor tradition and techniques that define the very

Drip Coffee Makers

Experience third wave specialty coffee at home with a Breville drip coffee machine


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Pros and Cons

While the Breville Infuser is a great buy and highly efficient in making great espresso, there are also a few things about it that users think need to be improved.

Here are some great things about the Infuser and some things that are not so great about it.


1. Produces Great-Tasting Espresso and Lattes

Whatever ground coffee you choose to use on this machine, the unit will deliver a rich, intense, and balanced flavor. Breville has taken the time to study and design the features needed to provide really good espresso and lattes with this machine. And the micro-foam milk texturing feature is like icing on the cake – the Breville Infuser makes good coffee.

2. Stable Temperature

The digital PID temperature control allows you to have a steady and customized temperature during extraction. This is a great feature because you can customize your coffee based on how hot you want it to be, which not many coffee makers have.

3. Customized Coffee

While the machine does have a few pre-programmed features, you can make your very own volume, strength, temperature, milk foam, and more with this machine. It would help if you took the time to study the features and their performance to get the right formula for the different kinds of coffee that you want.

4. Great for Anyone Who Loves Espresso But Doesn’t Want a High-End Machine

Designed for home use, this is for the espresso lover who doesn’t want to spend too much while also not compromising on high-quality build, features, and performance.

Or, if you’ve never made your espresso before, this is a great introduction that gives you great tasting espresso in a beautiful and durable machine that’s a fraction of the cost of a high-end espresso unit.

5. Hot Water Outlet for Instant Hot Water

The hot water outlet is perfect for having hot water in your kitchen “on demand.” If you want to make tea and have no time to boil water, you can have instant hot water from this machine.


1. Not Great for Volume Quantities

As mentioned earlier, the machine only has one motor, which is a single boiler with a Thermo coil. You can’t use the extraction together with the steam feature. If you use the extractor, you’d have to switch it to steam mode, which takes a few seconds to work.

If you make 2 to 5 cups of espresso or latte, you can do so in minutes. But, if you have a party or dinner at home for about eight people, it will take some time to prepare everyone’s espresso or latte.

This is good for solo or a couple at home, not for a party of more than five people.

2. Steep Learning Curve

Though the machine does have pre-programmed features, where’s the fun in that? The key to a great espresso machine is learning how to customize and use the features to create the coffee you want. It does take a while to learn this machine, and it would need a great amount of trial and error to make the perfect dosing and formula for the best espresso that meets your palate.

3. No Built-In Grinder

You have to use ground coffee with this machine. If you buy coffee beans, you need to have them ground or buy a coffee grinder before using them on this machine. Other espresso machines do have built-in grinders, which would’ve made the Breville Infuser so much more convenient and efficient.

4. Has Its Very Own Breville Cleaning System

The Breville Infuser is not the easiest thing to clean. One of its features is maintenance and cleaning alerts. This shows that cleaning the unit is an important factor in ensuring the machine works well as new for a very long time.

An entire cleaning set comes with the machine, so if you can’t clean your unit when it needs to be cleaned, it won’t last very long. There’s a specific way of cleaning the Breville Infuser that you need to learn, and it’s something that not a lot of people like about having this machine.

Final Thoughts

The Breville Infuser is a fantastic espresso machine that churns out balanced, rich, intense, and delicious espresso in minutes. Get to have your very own espresso machine at home at a fraction of the cost than higher-end machines that also have the pre-infusion feature.

Hands down, the unit’s pre-infusion ability is its most impressive capacity. It helps bring balanced extraction and flavors to your espresso, giving you a great espresso shot that checks all the right places for a great cup.

The Breville Infuser is a semi-automatic espresso machine which means there is still some manual work to create your espresso, but this makes it so much more fun to use. You can adjust the temperature you want, the volume you need, and other customizable features that include making latte art with the steam wand.

Aside from espressos, you can make Macchiato and lattes with the Breville Infuser, making it a versatile, powerful, and efficient at-home espresso maker that’s worth the price.

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