Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

The “World's Most Advanced Vertical Garden Planter”

The composting 50 plants accessible vertical Garden Tower® for organic balcony gardening by Garden Tower® Project.

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50 plants & vegetables in 4 square feet

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Composting for nutrient rich gardening

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Faster growing than any other garden

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Minimal upkeep & no weeding required

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The World’s Most Advanced Vertical Garden Planter

The need for healthier diets has never been so strong as today. With most people’s diets in the city consisting of processed foods, fast food, and packaged food, it’s no wonder people’s health is getting worse and worse.

If only you could grow your fresh produce at home, you could easily eat healthier without taking a step outside your condo or apartment. That possibility can become a reality with the Garden Tower Project, dubbed “The World’s Most Advanced Vertical Garden Planter.”

This special equipment can grow up to 50 plants in 4 square feet of space. Whether you live in a small condo, an apartment complex, a townhouse, or a single-family home, get to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables even without a yard.

Garden Tower 2 specs review

What is the Garden Tower 2?

The Garden Tower 2 is a product of the Garden Tower Project, a startup company that began in 2012 and was funded through Kickstarter. Their mission is to help bring sustainable, organic, and home-grown produce to all – no matter what age you are, no matter where you live.

The product is a tower that features 50 planters with a center composting column where plants gain access to organic fertilizer. This fertilizer is made up of your kitchen scraps, plus composting worms to feed nutrients to your plants. In as little as a few months, you can enjoy your very own herb and vegetable garden right at the comforts of your own home.

The company behind the Garden Tower is based in Indiana, with more than 90% of all the equipment made in the company’s home state.

Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

The “World’s Most Advanced Vertical Garden Planter”

The Garden Tower Project 2 Features

So how does this vertical garden planter make this happen? Let’s take a look at the features:

Food-Grade Plastic Material

The overall material of the Tower is made of USA-made HDPE plastic components. This is a non-toxic, BPA, and PVC-free plastic material. The material features UV protection, uses FDA-approved dye, and features non-toxic packaging for durability, recyclability, and health. The Tower comes in a beautiful terracotta color that mimics clay pots.

50 Reusable Planters

The Tower features six layers of stackable plants that total 50. You can plant herbs, vegetables, regular house plants, and flowers in the Tower.

Center Composting Column

The composting column features perforations where plants access nutrients from the organic fertilizer that’s made of kitchen scraps that you throw into the column.

Rotating Tower

The Tower can rotate to 360 degrees, helping you reach all the planters with ease, as well as providing equal sun exposure for all plants.

Creates a Natural Ecosystem

The whole technology of the Tower replicates a natural ecosystem where plants have direct access to natural compost.

Built-In Water Recycling System

The bottom of the Tower features a catchment drawer that catches enriched tea water called Leachate, which you can use to water your plants.

Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

The “World’s Most Advanced Vertical Garden Planter”

Garden Bundles

Compare Garden Tower® Bundles

  1. Garden Tower® 2 Starter Bundle
  2. Move and Grow Bundle
  3. Garden Tower® 2 Deluxe Bundle

Garden Accessories

LED Grow Light, Seeds and more…

How it works

Organic Waste = Organic Food

Learning Center

Where they discuss Garden Tower® Tips & Tricks, Planting Guides, Going Organic, Press & News, Soil & Vermicomposting, and much more.


The Tower consists of 6 stackable late yrs of 50 planters around a center composting column. The height is 43″ tall, 24.5″ in width, and weighs 36 pounds. With soil, it weighs around 220 pounds.

A regular 50-planter garden would need 50 square feet of land. But with this Tower, you can grow 50 plants in a small 4 square feet of space.

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With proper care, this Tower can last up to 10 years of use.

Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

The “World’s Most Advanced Vertical Garden Planter”

How it works

garden tower project

The Garden Tower is easy to use.

  1. add soil to the planters, seeds,
  2. then pour kitchen waste into the compositing column,
  3. add composting worms,
    water your plants at least three times a week,
  4. leave them out in the sun with the rotating feature turned on for optimal sun exposure, and
  5. enjoy your harvest of herbs and veggies within weeks.

Ensure you place the Tower in a space where it can have direct sunlight, such as a balcony in your condo, or if you don’t have a terrace, any area where you have a window, and all the plants receive direct sunlight.
If you have a detached home, you don’t even have to place the Tower in your yard. You can put it on your porch or right outside your kitchen or any space where it can receive direct sunlight.

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The company offers other products on their websites, such as a Starter Bundle where you get the Tower, soil, seeds, and other accessories. You can also buy them separately, such as the seed collection, herb collection, Compost Crank Twist, and more.

Pros and Cons of Garden Tower


  • Easy To Use
  • Compact
  • Ability to Grow 50 Herbs, Plants, and Flowers in 4 Square
  • Feet of Space
  • Organic Gardening
  • Low Maintenance

The Garden Tower 2 is a unique home gardening system that doesn’t require a lot of space. It takes up very little space, making it possible for small condos and apartments to have their very own massive herb and vegetable garden at home.

There’s no need to use elaborate fertilizers or do complex maintenance, as you pour in kitchen scraps into the garden composting system, and only need to buy composting worms, and that’s it. It even uses a water recycling system that uses the same water you use to create an enriched tea that’s nutritious for your plants.

It allows you to enjoy a healthier diet by having fresh produce right inside a small space.


  • Expensive
  • Good for Small Plants Only

The Garden Tower 2 is expensive, but if you compute how much money you’ll save on food and how beneficial they are to your diet, the amount you initially spend to purchase the Tower, soil, seeds, and other tools are worth the investment.

Another disadvantage to the Tower is that it only grows small plants.

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The Bottom Line

The Garden Tower 2 is a fantastic piece of equipment that makes it possible for homeowners to enjoy urban gardening that requires very little space. With only 4 square feet of space, you can have your very own herb and vegetable garden at home.

This garden composting system uses kitchen scraps and worms to provide your soil with organic fertilizer, turning organic waste into organic food. It may be expensive initially, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the purchase price.

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