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Are you planning on buying a new set of kitchen knives? Or maybe your old ones are already dull and rusty? Is it time to replace them?

So how do you dispose of kitchen knives? Can you throw them into a garbage bag? The answer is no; you can’t just throw them into a trash bag, no matter how dull they are.

The chances of someone getting cut or injured with the knives as they’re taking out the trash is high. You would need to wrap your blades before throwing them in the garbage carefully.

If you’ve never disposed of kitchen knives before, here are four materials you can use:

Four Ways to Safely Dispose of Kitchen Knives

1. Newspaper

This is the most accessible and convenient material to wrap your knives with. Prepare about 6 to 7 layers of newspaper and wrap them around the blade. Keep the handle exposed, so if anyone accidentally throws something in the trash bin and is looking for the object, they know what’s inside the newspaper wrapping.

Securely tape the newspaper, so it doesn’t unravel once inside the trash bag.

2. Cloth

You can also wrap the knives with a cloth. Make sure you thoroughly cover the blade with fabric that’s thick enough to prevent cuts or accidents. Keep the handle exposed as well.

Tape the cloth in place, or you can also use rubber bands to secure the fabric.

3. Bubble Wrap

If you have bubble wrap at home, it’s a great alternative to newspaper wrapping. You can cover the blades in bubble wrap and tape them in place for a layer of protection.

4. Cardboard

Cardboard is the best material to dispose of kitchen knives properly. Prepare a piece of cardboard that’s twice the size of your knife. Fold in half and place your knife inside, still exposing the handle.

Tape the cardboard to secure it in place.

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If your knives are still usable, or if they’re merely dull and nothing a knife sharpener can’t fix, you don’t have to throw them away. There are other means of disposing of your knives without them going into a landfill.

Alternatives to Disposing of Your Knives

Here are four alternatives to disposing of your kitchen knives:

1. Donate Them

If your knives are still sharp and usable, but you want to have new ones, instead of throwing them in the trash, why not donate them?

You can donate them to charitable organizations, soup kitchens, salvation army, or 2nd hand stores. Call these organizations or stores if they accept kitchen knife donations.

2. Recycle Them

Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept old or used knives. The metal in knives can be recycled, or if there’s a lot of rust, the knife blade can be melted and recycled.

3. Sell Them

If your knives are still sharp and can still be used for day-to-day use, consider selling them. You can use the money you earn to buy new ones.

Or, you can also sell them for scrap metal. The metal in knives can be used in countless applications, and there’s also a large market for scrap metal, so why not call your local junk shops to see if they accept used knives.

4. Try Saving Them

If there’s only minimal wear and tear or small amounts of rust, why not save them? There are simple ways to get rid of rust in knives, and if they’re dull, it’s nothing that a knife sharpener can’t fix.

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If you’re thinking about throwing away your kitchen knives, you need to ensure they can’t cause an injury or cut someone who may be carrying the garbage. Don’t just throw away a knife into a trash can, no matter how dull it is, because it still has sharp edges and can cut a person or animal even if it’s inside a garbage bag.

It’s easy to wrap the knives in paper, clothing, bubble wrap, or cardboard, so there’s not a lot of preparation. As long as you securely tape the material in place and keep the handle exposed, you can safely dispose of your kitchen knives.

But before you do, try a few alternatives before throwing them out. If you must, make sure you dispose of your knives carefully and securely to keep everyone safe.

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