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When it comes to kitchen appliances, the more you have, the more crowded your kitchen is. This is especially true if you have a small kitchen, such as a studio space or a condo unit. Choosing multipurpose kitchen appliances is key to ensuring you have everything you need without crowding your kitchen space.

That being said, if you were to choose between a blender and a food processor, which would you choose? The answer depends on your needs. If you need an appliance for food preparation, you need a food processor. If you need a device to make smoothies, you need a blender. But can you use only one of these appliances to do both jobs?

If you want an appliance that can do smoothies and food preparation, you need a food processor.

Can You Make Smoothies with a Food Processor?

Yes, you can make a smoothie with a food processor. However, you shouldn’t expect the same consistency and texture as making a smoothie in a blender.

Blenders are specifically made to make smoothies or turn solids into liquids. On the other hand, food processors are primarily used for solid or semi-solid food items. Food processors can chop, slice, dice, ground, or grate different kinds of food, resulting in various shapes, sizes, and textures. But, one thing about it is that you can also make a smoothie.

Though making a smoothie with a food processor is more complicated and takes more time, some models have blending features. A simple change of blades or accessories can turn any food processor into a semi-blender, crushing ice and turning solid foods into purees. And with an addition of a liquid base, it becomes a smooth and fine smoothie.

One food processor featuring a Blending setting is the Magimix Food Processor. It is a heavy-duty appliance made for home use, has a powerful 1100-Watts motor, and can process 16 cups of food at one time.

If you plan to make smoothies with your food processor and intend not to buy a blender, choose an appliance with a Blending setting. If you don’t intend on making smoothies regularly, a regular food processor will do. Even if it doesn’t have a Blending feature, it can still make smoothies.

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How to Make A Smoothie with a Food Processor

Making a smoothie with a food processor is based on the sequence of food you pour into the appliance. Whereas in a blender, you throw everything inside the jar, and the blender will run to make a smoothie, a food processor needs extra steps.

It’s important to note that making a smoothie with a food processor will not give you the same smooth and fine consistency as a smoothie made in a blender. There may even be instances where food particles are still seen or have not been adequately crushed or grounded. If this happens, rerun your food processor to crush or ground the ingredients some more.

Here are the steps to making smoothies with a food processor:

Step 1: Add the Leafy Vegetables First

If you plan on adding leafy vegetables to your smoothies, they should be the first to be processed. Leaves can be tricky to break down, so you need to put them at the bottom of the smoothie bowl to make sure they are adequately crushed and ground.

You can also cut them into small pieces.

Step 2: Add Fruits

Cut or slice your fruits into small pieces and shoot them down the feed tube one at a time. You can also use frozen fruits to add a creamy texture to your smoothie. Fruits that are excellent to freeze are bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

Step 3: Add a Healthy Booster

Add a healthy booster to the mix to make your smoothie more nutritious. This can be any protein powder or healthy fats such as coconut oil or almond butter. Pour your healthy booster through the feed tube as the food processor runs.

Step 4: Add a liquid Base

Many folks don’t like adding liquid to their smoothies, but it can help to process the ingredients better. Instead of water, you can use milk, yogurt, or other healthy beverages such as juice or coconut water. Opt for more beneficial and lighter options such as almond milk or soy if you use milk.

Step 5: Add a Sweetener

Lastly, you can add sweeteners like honey or sugar to your smoothie.

Depending on the consistency, you can either pour your smoothie into a jar with a large opening or scoop out the smoothies with a large spoon. It’s also ideal to remove the blades before pouring or scooping out the smoothie.

Tips to Making Smoothie with a Food Processor

Here are some tips to keep in mind when making a smoothie with a food processor:

  • Don’t make a large volume of smoothies. Too many ingredients or liquid bases can prevent the ingredients from being crushed or grounded efficiently. If you need to make a large volume, make smoothies one batch at a time.
  • Don’t add all ingredients at once, or else you won’t get smoothies but a liquid base with lots of solid components floating around.
  • If you like ice in your smoothies, opt for frozen fruit instead. Some food processors can’t handle ice, so frozen fruits are the next best thing. They add a cool and refreshing element to your food processor smoothies.
  • Crush or squish your solid ingredients before pouring them inside the feed tube. Crushing your ingredients will also ensure they blend well with the rest of the mixture.


A food processor may be designed to process solid food, but the appliance can be used for many other purposes. One of which is to make smoothies. Though the texture and consistency of a smoothie made with a food processor may not be the same as when made with a blender, it can still be used for the same purpose.

The trick is to follow the ingredients’ sequence to make sure they are crushed for a smooth consistency.

If you must choose a food processor for food preparation and making smoothies, opt for one that features a Blending accessory.

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