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Everyone loves pizza. For many people, this word is a synonym for happiness. If you are having friends coming to your place, this is an excellent choice for food since the majority of people will love it.

But the main problem is how to find the right amount of pizza to order. Well, we have a couple of tricks that will help you with this problem.

Pizzas Come In All Shapes and Sizes

The first thing you need to know before you start thinking about ordering a pizza is what size of pizza to order. Now, as we all know, pizzas come in all shapes and sizes, and it is essential to know what to expect from the restaurant of your choice.

Each store will probably have its own size charts, and there might be differences between them. As you are probably aware, pizza is not something universal, and there are many variables when it comes to this delicious food.

In general, almost every store will offer small, medium, and large pizza at least. Some will go as far as adding an extra-large or family option as well. This means that the number of slices will be based on the size of the pizza. We can assume that a large 16 inches pizza will have 12 slices. Similarly, a medium pizza with 12 inches will have eight slices, and so on. You can always ask the store about the size and number of slices, so you won’t need to go through pizza math.

What You Need To Know Before Ordering

Now there are several questions you need to answer before you are ready to order your pizza. Here, we will give you a nice checklist you can follow that will give you a rough idea of what to do.

  • How many people are there
  • Their age
  • How hungry they are
  • What they like
  • Is it the only food you will serve

So, let’s start from the beginning. The most important question here is how many people you are serving. Are you eating alone? Do you have one or two friends coming over? Or are you celebrating a birthday with ten or more guests? This will be your first clue to finding the answer to this pizza problem.

The next thing on the list is the age of your guests. Now, all you need to know is whether they are children or adults. The reason for this is that you can count two slices per child and three slices per adult person.

Following the list, you will need to know how hungry they are. Were you doing an activity before this? Furthermore, you probably know if some of your friends or family members like to eat more. If this is the case, you need to count them as well. Similarly, ask your guests whether they like pizza and what their preferences are.

Finally, if this is the only food you serve, you might want to add an extra few slices on top of your original calculation to ensure that no one is hungry at the end of the day.

Don’t Forget to Plan Everything

There are many types of pizza available. Some people like hot sauces, others prefer pineapple and whatnot, and it is your goal to cover all bases. If someone doesn’t like pizza, you will need to plan something else for them.

Moreover, we already mentioned different sizes, and you probably know that six slices of extra-large pizza are not the same as six slices of a small one. The trick is to always go for a bigger number. If you have a larger group of friends, the only viable option is to go for the biggest available.

Make One by Yourself

There are so many people that dislike the idea of having to worry about slice sizes and whether the restaurant will remember your entire order properly. And there is a simple solution to this problem — make pizza by yourself. You can make it a fun activity with your friends, or you can do it before they even arrive.

If you are looking for the best possible results, you might want to check out Ooni pizza ovens. They are easy to use, you can find portable models, and they will ensure that each of your guests gets a perfect slice.

It will also give you a unique opportunity to make smaller pizzas for each of your guests, so everyone gets the toppings they enjoy.

So, How Many Do You Need?

In essence, it all comes down to the age group and the number of visitors.

  • A general rule is that if kids are younger than five, they will probably eat one slice each.
  • For children between six and eleven, you should count two slices per child.
  • Finally, grown-ups will usually eat two or three slices.

And this is the rule you should follow. Let’s say you are having five children at your place. One or two pizzas will be enough, and you’ll probably have some leftovers. But if you are having five grown-ups at a party, three pizzas are the right choice. You can follow this logic for any number of guests, but our recommendation is to always go for extra.

This way, you will make sure that no one will be left hungry. And for the extra pizza? Well, to be honest, there is no such thing as too much pizza.

Use Pizza Calculator

Pizza Calculator

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