The Top 4 Ways to Reheat Pizza


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how to reheat pizza

Heating up leftover pizza can be a huge letdown, especially if you end up with soggy slices that taste nothing as they did the day before. If you love pizza (who doesn’t?!), you probably want it to stay juicy, puffy, cheesy, and delicious when you eat it. However, a day-old pizza is tricky to reheat, especially if you want it to taste as good as the day it was made. Fortunately, there are a couple of proven hacks that will make your day-old pizza taste delicious!

Check out how to reheat pizza correctly using one of these four saucy tips!

1. Oven

If you don’t have a specialty pizza oven, you can heat up your slice using your regular oven. The trick is to take it easy and heat the pizza slowly. Moreover, this method works best with multiple slices. If you want to heat up only one slice, use a toaster oven.

To start, set your oven to 350 F. Then, put some aluminum foil on the oven rack. Put the pizza slices on top of it. That will provide enough top and bottom heat. The heat will warm up the cold pizza on all sides and create an even crust. As mentioned, you should be patient with this method. It will take around ten minutes until the slices are warm enough. When you see melted cheese, you’ll know that your slices are ready.

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2. Microwave

Everyone knows that using a microwave to reheat old pizza can turn into a disaster. The slices can get soggy, the cheese can get too hot, and the crust can turn rock hard. Eventually, you’ll end up with inedible mulch that resembles a nuclear disaster. Obviously, the best solution is to avoid this reheating method. However, if you only have a microwave, there’s a way to make the most out of it.

Firstly, put a slice on a plate. Then, pop the plate into the microwave. Easy, right? Well, now you should take a microwave-safe mug and fill it with water. Put the mug or a glass of water into the microwave along with your pizza. After that, start your microwave at high heat and reheat your pizza for up to 40 seconds. You won’t get a crisp crust, but the water will absorb some of the heat and allow your pizza to warm up evenly.

3. Skillet

Another trick is to use your stovetop. This method works great for one to two slices. To begin, just put the pan or skillet (like ceramic cookware) on the stovetop. Then, set your stovetop to medium heat. Wait until it heats up and then place the pan on top.

Here, the trick is to heat the slices for a few minutes without covering them. After that, add several drops of water to the pan. Then, cover it with the lid and wait for 2–3 minutes. With this method, you’ll heat up the crust and the dough first. Then, you’ll warm up the toppings evenly when you cover the pan. It’s a quick and effective method, but it pales in comparison to our last tip.

4. Use an Ooni Pizza Oven

If you simply can’t get enough of pizza, and you love crispy and juicy pies, you could invest in a pizza oven. However, regular pizza ovens are bulky and expensive. Yet, some brands like Ooni Pizza Ovens are truly revolutionizing the way we make and reheat pizza at home.

Ooni Karu

Ooni Pizza Ovens is a Scottish company that makes portable and lightweight pizza ovens. The ovens are offered in a few variants, including wood, gas, and pellet. They can reach 950 degrees in only 15 minutes to bake or heat up your pizza quickly.

With an Ooni Pizza Oven, you can make restaurant-style Italian pizza or even deep dish American-style pies in just a few minutes. We love Ooni Pizza ovens because they are super fast and extremely convenient. What’s more, these ovens use stainless steel and ceramic materials along with a baking stone surface that distributes heat just perfectly and heats the dough evenly. Since these ovens can reach high temperatures quickly, they can reheat your pizza dough properly. After only a couple of minutes, they will make your pie taste as delicious as the day before!

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Reheating your old pizza can be as easy as pie if you use some of our recommended methods. If you simply live for pizza and crave it every day, we recommend you to get an Ooni Pizza Oven!


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